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Helland Hoven Editing Services
Helland Hoven is a Minnesota-based provider of writing, editing and proofreading services to businesses, nonprofits and individuals — creating and perfecting the communications that define them. Since 1992, we’ve produced and refined text for hundreds of businesses, organizations and individuals.

Virtually every organization requires the development of print, online or broadcast communications. But staffing for the ebb and flow of your production schedules can become a full-time job alone. Relying on overtaxed or underqualified staff to write, edit and proofread your documents can mean big losses in time, money and message. Put the right team in the right place, right now: Helland Hoven Editing Services.

The Freedom of Freelance: Now You Need Us, Now You Don't
The drought and the deluge — it’s hard to staff for. Vacations, maternity leave, sick time — it’s hard to plan for. When you’re short-staffed or your in-house talent needs to get out for a while, you need Helland Hoven Editing Services. We work nimbly and on your terms: onsite, offsite, long term, short term — often at the 11th hour. And our technical capabilities allow us to work on most computer platforms, as well as on old-fashioned hard copy.